Install Growl on OS X Lion

Here’s the easiest way to install Growl on OS X Lion – Go to the Mac Appstore and install it.

or compile it.

Steps I followed to compile it.

$brew install mercurial 
$hg clone
$cd growl
$hg tags | sort #find the latest version
$hg update " 1.3.3"

Create a new certificate.

Open Keychain
KeyChain Access > Certificate Assistant > Create a Certificate
Name: 3rd Party Mac Developer Application: The Growl Project, LLC
Identity Type: Self Signed Root (default)
Type: Code Signing

Hit Create.

you’ll need Xcode for the next step.

$xcodebuild -project Growl.xcodeproj -target -configuration Release 
$cd build/Release/
$cp /Applications/


 Note: I had to quit and restart the Twitter client to make it appear in the Growl Applications list.



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  • jfro

    Thanks for the hints. My build failed:

    ** BUILD FAILED **

    The following build commands failed: CompileC build/ Plugins/Displays/MailMe/GrowlMailMeDisplay.m normal x86_64 objective-c failure)

    Any ideas about this?


  • Hi can you flip this to use the rakefile in Release instead of calling xcodebuild directly? Thanks.

    Chris Forsythe

    Growl Project Lead

  • Specific to the Command Line Build instructions above (xcodebuild -project Growl.xcodeproj -target -configuration Release) this is more trouble than helpful.
    Better to try and build via Xcode. Straight forward and what the developers are using, so much more used.